Meviber Home use massage Solutions

We are focus on   4 major problems
Home Use Massage tools
Pain Relief
Menstrual pain/Back pain / Knee pain / joint pain /muscle pain etc
Recovery & Therapy

We supply assorted home use recovery and therapy asisstant tools. Such as post correct Arch , cold &hot compression etc
Cellulite remove

Focus on healthy and long term fat remove.
Daily Relax tools

All kinds of easy carry handle massage tools both in manual function or electric massager.
Core Advantages
Both Selling & Teaching       
Besides selling items, we also give some advice on how to use our items.
Quality promise
All those items we are selling is tested by our founder,it promises be functional and effective.
One-Stop home massage tools supply chain

Update new function and design each week.
Professional Research & Design team and buyer team
7 Day 24 hours online service, we are not selling massage tools, we also give advices and offer some teaching video about our items.      fast after-sales response.

About our team
R&D Team

We accept OEM & ODM service because of our professional 6 years R&D teams

Service team

We have a 6 years marketing team, not only research our selling market, also search global trending market. So we can alway give good recommendation for our partner.
Market Team

About us

Shenzhen ZhongShenFengHua Develop Tech ltd is dedicated in designing, choosing, and combining the simple but efficient home use massage tools.Our brand Meviber is   growing.   Our main products are based on Traditional Chinese Massage Method (Press /Acupressure/Scrape/Push/Seize/Knead/Pinch/Tremble/Beat/flap),and combine with modern technology, products such as cupping, guasha, scraping, moxibustion,meridian tools etc. Learn from local health clubs and clinic, we research, design and combined most of the efficiency methods and tools, we are growing to be a professional massage tools supply Chain, we do with various home use massage tools, essential oil, heating pads,anti cellulite devices,rehabilitation tools and recovery tools etc. We will try our best to service more and more people.

Be simple, enjoy a better life is our philosophy. Simple,safety,efficiency, cost-effective is our policy.

  Our goal is :

1. To offer our workers a trust future in health care area.

2. To supply our customers reliable high quality products.

3. To create profound profit to our shareholder

4. To assist society reduce high cost medical fee.

Why we choose Home use massage tools as our main items, and Traditional Chinese Medical as our main theoretical basis?

    Traditional Chinese Massage is focused on Jingluo,we also call meridian. To keep the meridian unblocked is the core. Compel toxic and nourish to keep Yin-Yang balance and keep health.

  A report shows over 80% adult are in sub-health situation, fat, over anxiety, depression, pain etc. Those low people's life quality.

A report shows there is 40% people suffer from pain in daily life nowadays, more and more people are being anxiety and depression, Fat is one of the main health killer. No matter physically or psychologically sub-health,it descends life quality a lot.Go to hospital or to visit health club is money and time consuming. To learn something about self-treatment is very important.

  Shenzhen ZhongShenFengHua Develop Tech Ltd founder Edith,who was graduated from A TCM University in China, and she has had suffered in chronic pain herself several years because of heavy work, she found the traditional Chinese medical is very efficiency when applied by herself, then she determined to spread the idea of home use self-treatment idea. More and More people join this team and benefit from such process. Welcome to contact us to enjoy more health life.

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